Imprisoned Buddhist Monk Requires Urgent Medical Attention

     Remember all the joyous emails and postings just a few weeks ago as we learned that Myanmar seemed to begin a process of releasing political prisoners? The word evidently has not reached Kale prison, in northern Myanmar.  U Gambira has been held there in solitary confinement since May 2009.  Reports from former prisoners who were able to visit him report that he has difficulty speaking, and bears visible scars and marks on his hands, arms and body.  He suffers from frequent headaches that cause him to cry out in pain.  
     Amnesty International calls for U Gambira to be admitted to hospital immediately for a full and independent medical examination, and for him to be given all necessary treatment.  Please take part in this Urgent Action as soon as possible.
     U Gambira is believed to have been tortured in April 2009 when he was held in Hkamti prison.  It is believed that he was tortured after requesting permission to exercise.  Prison guards shackled him and handcuffed him to a chair, stuffed a cloth in his mouth, and placed a black cloth bag over his head.  They proceeded to beat him on the head with a stick.  U Gambira is reported to have been left handcuffed to the chair for extended periods during which time he was spoon-fed by the guards.
     U Gambira is serving a 68-year sentence following his arrest in November 2007.  He was sentenced under several different, and vague, laws for his roles in anti-government demonstrations in August and September of 2007.    

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